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UW-Platteville Authors: Chapters

Recent Chapters by UW-Platteville Authors






Fundamental Research on Geochemical Processes for the Development of Resilient and Sustainable Geosystems

Bohnhoff, Gretchen L.

Geotechnical Fundamentals for Addressing New World Challenges


A Quantitative Exploration of Student-Instructor Interactions Amidst Ambiguity Cummings, Antonette T. Purdue University Press 2015
The Color Purple and the Wine-Dark Kiss of Death: How a Second-Wave Feminist Wrote the First American AIDS Narrative Gordon, Phillip A. This Book Is an Action: Feminist Print Culture and Activist Aesthetics 2016
Gender, Space, and the Violence of the Everyday in Parque Industrial Gormley, Melissa E. Women in Contemporary Latin American Novels: Psychoanalysis and Gendered Violence 2018
Blurred Centers/Margins: Ethnobotanical Healing in Writings by Ethnic Minority Women in China Isbister, Dong L. Chinese Environmental Humanities: Practices of Environing at the Margins 2019
The Murder of Emmett Till, 1955 King, Frank C. 50 Events that Shaped African American History


African American Patriotism during the World War I Era Krugler, David F. Protesting on Bended Knee: Race, Dissent, and Patriotism in 21st Century America 2018
Culture in the PRC: the Role in FDI and its Evolution Lian, Yunshan Managerial Strategies and Practices in the Asian Business Sector 2016
No- The Overemphasis on Vitality Will Likely Undermine the Subtle Nature of Moral Character Murray, Dale F. Finding the Fountain of Youth 2017
"Doesn't It Mean Anything to You?": Teaching "Hills Like White Elephants" Seals, Marc T. Hemingway's Short Stories: Reflections on Teaching, Reading, and Understanding


Beyond Community Oriented Policing: Injecting Humanism into our Efforts to Improve Police Community Relations Solar, Patrick J. Current Issues in Policing 2018
Technological Learning in Iran: Lessons from NIEs of East Asia Soofi, Abdollah S. The Development of Science and Technology in Iran: Policies and Learning Frameworks 2017
Introduction Soofi, Abdollah S. The Development of Science and Technology in Iran: Policies and Learning Frameworks 2017
Breast Cancer in Women of Color Stackman, Valerie R. People of color in the United States: Contemporary issues in education, work, communities, health and immigration (Vols. 1-4) 2016
Scottsboro Boys, 1931-1948 Stackman, Valerie R. 50 Events that Shaped African American history: An encyclopedia of the American mosaic 2019
Earthquake and Tsunami in Taro Town Stradford, Todd Japan after 3/11: Global Perspectives on the Earthquake, Tsunami and Fukushima Meltdown 2016
The Roots of Sectarian Law and Order in the Gulf: Bahrain, the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and the Two Historical Disruptions Strobl, Staci Beyond Sunni and Shia: The Roots of Sectarianism in a Changing Middle East 2017
The Not So Exemplary Example -- Bangladesh National Police Strobl, Staci Police Integrity in the Developing World: Building a Culture of Lawfulness 2018
Women and Policing in Kuwait: Deferring Gender Inclusion Strobl, Staci Women Policing Across the Globe: Shared Challenges and Successes in the Integration of Women Police Worldwide 2019
Electric Power Vulnerability Models; From Protection to Resilience Tas, Sinan Breakthroughs in Decision Science and Risk Analysis



Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Graphics Processing Unit Technologies in Distribution Networks Yang, Fang Electric Distribution Network Management and Control 2018
Distribution Network Modeling and Management Yang, Fang Electric Distribution Network Management and Control 2018